August 24, 2010

This August, French channel TV5 aired a segment on Bad Reputation in their US news segment called "Rendez-Vous d'Amerique." Watch it HERE.

Bad Reputation plays their beloved Brooklyn hole-in-the wall, Barbes, on October 8. They will be trying out some new adaptations of Brassens favorites, so don't miss it.

Pierre has been invited to participate in L'Integrale Brassens, a week-long celebration of Brassens, during which the singer's discography is performed from start to finish, by over 30 musicians from all over the world. Pierre will play accompanied by his uncle Yves de Gaillande on guitar on October 18. He will also be performing on October 29 at Espace Georges Brassens, the museum dedicated to Georges Brassens in his hometown of Sete on the mediterranean coast. Check HERE for details and come see us in France!

Bad Reputation played in the open air on 60th Street in Manhattan, for a large French, American and generally New York crowd at the Bastille Day celebration concert on July 11 at FIAF . See pictures HERE. And felicidades to Spain for their momentous victory. We were able to finish our show just in time to watch the World Cup finals!

The much-awaited Bad Reputation full-length album was released June 8th on Barbes Records in New York and worldwide. Get yours now from VERMILLION MUSIC.
The release of Bad Reputation has garnered a lot of recent press interest, including a great segment on PRI's The World See other great interviews and CD reviews in French and English HERE.

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