June 25, 2013

We are very pleased to announce a new partnership with French promoter/agent SWINGNEWS. We will be teaming up to book a French tour in Ocotber 2013 to promote the release of the second volume of Bad Reputation music. More info to come soon!

Two great shows coming up this summer:

Tuesday, July 23rd, Pierre does a rare solo show at PETE'S CANDY STORE with his talented friends, C. Gibbs and Jack Grace. This will be a round robin songwriter pastiche smorgasbord. Don't miss it!

And Bad Reputation plays BARBES on Thursday, August 22.

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And check out the new Morning Glories Facebook page with pictures and videos of the reunited power trio featuring Pierre, C Gibbs, and Kenny Savelson.

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Watch an interview of THE SNOW HERE.

Watch Bad Reputation's in-studio interview and performance on Canapé.

Watch Bad Reputation's performance at the Kennedy Center Millennium Stage in Washington DC HERE.

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