August 07, 2013

After two years of hard work by a talented team of musicians, BAD REPUTATION VOLUME 2 is ready to be released, but we need your help to finish it. Please visit our INDIEGOGO PAGE and make a contribution, and spread the word. Link it, tweet it, blog it, facebook it. Use your special internet powers to help us bring this beautiful music to life! Any contribution helps, and there are many great incentives to motivate you.

Two great shows coming up this summer:

Saturday, August 23rd, Pierre performs with all-star band the Steam, (featuring members of The Snow, C Gibbs Review, and Cascadians) backing up synchronized swim team THE BROOKLYN PEACHES at the rooftop swimming pool of the Holiday Inn in midtown Manhattan. Bring your bathing suit!

And Bad Reputation plays BARBES on Thursday, August 22.

We are very pleased to announce a new partnership with French promoter/agent SWINGNEWS. We will be teaming up to book a French tour in Ocotber 2013 to promote the release of the second volume of Bad Reputation music. More info to come soon!

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Watch an interview of THE SNOW HERE.

Watch Bad Reputation's in-studio interview and performance on Canapé.

Watch Bad Reputation's performance at the Kennedy Center Millennium Stage in Washington DC HERE.

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