Printemps de l'amour

March 26, 2015

Pierre is working on a solo album of his own material slated to come out in late spring, tentatively titled "Open Kimono." He's been working on it off and on for three years between making other albums with Bad Reputation and the Snow.

Bad Reputation will be in France and Switzerland in August for a few shows, including playing a festival devoted to Georges Brassens in Charavines, France. He'll be joined by his uncle Yves de Gaillande on guitar, Christian Bongers on bass, and Frank Heer on cello.

Pierre's music was part of a performance at Gibney Dance Center premiering March 11-14. He collaborated with choreographer Ori Flomin and composer Gary Greenblatt on music for Flomin's dance piece "First Move."

Don't miss the next performances of Pierre's brand new project, The CAMEMBERT TRAPPERS on May 1 at HOMETOWN BBQ and June 19 at Barbes. The Trappers serve up a heaping platter of Pierre's creamy songwriting from previous bands (Melomane, Sea Foxx, The Snow) spiced with a country twang, like a pungent wheel of barbecued French cheese...

Check out the new video for Things That Are Good, a song by Mira Cook from her new album Eat The Cake. Pierre shot the video on Gopro with a DJI drone and also recorded some of the vocals on the album.

The next Bad Reputation show is at Barbes on May 21 at 10PM.